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04.10.2017 Считаете ли Вы, что трансплантация стволовых клеток взрослого организма может вызвать онкологическое заболевание?


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     Oxygen, participating in chemical reactions, forms the basis of all energetic processes in the body. Biological oxidative reactions mostly supply living organisms with essential energy. But due too highly oxidative feature of oxygen many free radicals are formed during these reactions. Such unstable and highly aggressive molecules have unpaired numbers of electrons as a result of the reactions. Therefore colliding with other molecules «take» take the electron away from them damaging their integrity. The cell has its intrinsic system that controls free radicals occurrence and do neutralization. Such systems are endogenous antioxidants. Nevertheless constant emotional or physical stress leads to radicals increase, because the system can “oversee” some free radicals. When the number reaches the critical level the cell is not able to manage their attack, so red-ox reaction balance shifts to the destructive oxidative phase. Free radicals attack every molecule, such as lipids, proteins, DNA and different enzymes. Thus, the damages occurred in the cell happen on the molecular level. According to one of the theory of aging this is the reason of many diseases and, in fact, the aging. So the organism requires supplemental antioxidants, that will assist the cells system to neutralize the aggressive agents.

     There is a vast range of natural antioxidants, here are some of them to highlight: vitamins – A, C, E, beta-carotene (pro-vitamin) and others; micro-elements – zinc, copper, chromium and others; aminoacids – methionine, tyrosine, cysteine, taurine and others. Thus, a correctly balanced diet would help to nutrient the organism with natural assistants to prevent from aging. Pharmaceutical industry releases a great number of vitamin complexes and supplements. But it is worth saying that synthetic and natural antioxidants differ in their effectiveness. It can be explained that the variety of molecules in natural vitamins are introduced in several options (isomers), while synthetic ones make up molecules of the same conformation. The complexity of all vitamin isomers defines its functional activity during natural biochemical reactions. Many cosmetological substances contain great amount of antioxidants, which, according to manufactures, help to deal with free radicals in the depths of the skin. But mostly these molecules help to preserve the cream itself. Besides some of them have such large scale parameters that they just can't go through the epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin).

     Therefore only natural forces of the body can effectively manage with negative influence of the environment and constant stress, that every metropolitan resident undergoes. The procedures, that help to restore and maintain the number of healthy cells, are considered to be the most effective nowadays. Cells' high functional status allows to create a protective barrier that neutralizes the aggressive environmental effect and reduces the reaction of free radicals.

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Development center cell research aimed at establishing and standardizing the collection of stem cells, multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells (ITC) and fibroblasts were the basis for the National Bank of stem cells and fibroblasts.

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Srivastava, Rakesh K.; Shankar, Sharmila (издатели)
Stem cells - the body builders
                Cells of the human body are divided into ordinary and stem cells ordinary adult cells can not transform                 in another cell type , and can not induce embryogenesis . In humans,                 ninety allocated different types of cells , so the cells are those molecules                 which consists of an organism, stem cells and the organism is reduced . for                 storage of stem cells used Cryobank                 , Prior to entering the cell which is cooled in a freezer program steps                 one degree per minute. Thereafter, in special capsules , frozen to minus                 seventy degrees , the cells are placed into containers , numbered barcode                 in a special pot with liquid nitrogen , and our bank retains biological resources over 5500 patients.                 For storage of the concentrated stem cells and mononuclear cells derived from                 umbilical cord blood after birth, used Gemabank , there they are in special                 plastic plates and in order to highlight the desired cells are required for more                 manipulation. Longevity and beauty of a person   problem in the 21st century , which pay attention to not only women but also men and  successful resolution of this matter modern methods , such as cell technology allow a person to turn the modern ideas about resolving this problems . Learn more information about stem cell therapy you can in the appropriate section of our portal.