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04.10.2017 Считаете ли Вы, что трансплантация стволовых клеток взрослого организма может вызвать онкологическое заболевание?


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Proteins youth

    Collagen is the most abundant protein in a human body, it makes up to 20-30% of total protein. It provides tissues for special mechanical strength and, besides, affects the growth, migration, differentiation, secretion and synthetic cells' activity. It also assures the correct tissue elements distribution and supplies its structure. Due to collagen fibers skin is so resilient in its young state. Collagen fibrils are always renewed, the process of their synthesis and disintegration is highly organized and is accomplished by fibroblasts. But during aging this balance breaks, the synthesis of new fibers slows down, with appearance of an increasing number of cross-links. This process leads to collagen's almost complete in-extensibility with impaired processes of its utilization. .

    Collagen fibrils are strong and flexible but not elastic. Elastin is another protein of connective tissue. These two proteins, collagen and elastin, make the derma framework. Elastin is less abundant in comparing with collagen and its main function is providing skin for resilience (the ability to obtain initial state after strain). Dermal elastin is also synthesized by fibroblasts and during aging according to cells senescence its synthesis slows down, that leads to skin age-related changes. .

    Collagen and elastin are indeed proteins of youth. They provide skin for elasticity, freshness and beauty but also are the main components of other organs and preserve their health and youth. Collagen and elastin determine tendon, bone and chondro tissues functional state. Osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, ostichondrosis — all these diseases are linked to the structure of these proteins one way or another. .
    Thereby the main trend of our body youth and health retainment is maintainance of collagen and elastin balance of synthesis and disintegration. In this case it is highly important not only to lead a healthy life but «омолаживать» also to rejuvenate these protein main fabrics. Nowadays it has become possible to maintain the population of young cells in the body, for example fibroblasts, to increase the resistance of the body to aggressive environmental factors..
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Development center cell research aimed at establishing and standardizing the collection of stem cells, multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells (ITC) and fibroblasts were the basis for the National Bank of stem cells and fibroblasts.

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Srivastava, Rakesh K.; Shankar, Sharmila (издатели)
Stem cells - the body builders
                Cells of the human body are divided into ordinary and stem cells ordinary adult cells can not transform                 in another cell type , and can not induce embryogenesis . In humans,                 ninety allocated different types of cells , so the cells are those molecules                 which consists of an organism, stem cells and the organism is reduced . for                 storage of stem cells used Cryobank                 , Prior to entering the cell which is cooled in a freezer program steps                 one degree per minute. Thereafter, in special capsules , frozen to minus                 seventy degrees , the cells are placed into containers , numbered barcode                 in a special pot with liquid nitrogen , and our bank retains biological resources over 5500 patients.                 For storage of the concentrated stem cells and mononuclear cells derived from                 umbilical cord blood after birth, used Gemabank , there they are in special                 plastic plates and in order to highlight the desired cells are required for more                 manipulation. Longevity and beauty of a person   problem in the 21st century , which pay attention to not only women but also men and  successful resolution of this matter modern methods , such as cell technology allow a person to turn the modern ideas about resolving this problems . Learn more information about stem cell therapy you can in the appropriate section of our portal.