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04.10.2017 Считаете ли Вы, что трансплантация стволовых клеток взрослого организма может вызвать онкологическое заболевание?


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National Stem Cell Bank
to date, only those patients who have created a cell bank in BEAUTY PLAZA, can count on the limitless possibilities of technology productive longevity ...
interview of Professor A. Teplyashin BBC March 14, 2009

    «The «Center of youth cells technologies» is proud to introduce you the unique international project - «National Bank of stem cells». Over 15 years of enormous efforts and fundamental research were spent to develop this project to restore health and lengthen life. «National Bank of stem cells» was initiated by three leading companies: Stem Cell Higher Technologies Inc. New York, that provided with high technologies of autologic adult stem cells obtainment, application and storage support, «Center of youth cells technologies», under the direction of Alexander S. Teplyashin, that leads the fundamental research of stem cell biology and cells technologies and BEAUTY PLAZA INTERNATIONAL, that enriched this project with an enormous practical skill of cell technologies application.

    During these years we have scrutinized and developed methods of different stem cell types obtainment, cultivation, storage and transportation. As a result of the work we have obtained two world and 4 Russian patents, published 43 Russian and foreign articles. Dissertation on tissue engineering theme were defended. Our developments are in line with the most high world standards and most of them are unique.

    We have already written about different types of stem cells. The point is, that each group of cells controls the specific system or organs of the body. The most easily accessed are hemopoietic stem cells from the umbilical cord blood of a baby. So, it is no surprise that there is a great number of umbilical cord blood Banks, that only store the collected material. The progressive way of this trend is obvious, as well as its restricted abilities.

    Hemopoietic stem cells are blood producing cells — they can be used only in cases of blood tissue system recovery. To restore blood formation. Besides, the most part of adult people of the planet cannot use autologous cells, stored in the Banks due to sexual and age features.

    The uniqueness of the «National stem cell bank» is its bioresource great number and its high quality. We preserve:
  1. Cord blood - concentrated stem cells to immune system functioning improvement, immunodeficiency treatment and to make an invulnerable barrier preventing from oncogene viruses. Besides, it is a great source of endothelial stem cells, for ischemia treatment (bloodstream impairment of any etiology), male and female reproductive function restoration.

  2. Umbilical cord – as the source of mesenchymal stem cells and fibroblasts or aging alterations in withering skin.

  3. Placenta – as the source of fibroblasts with estrogen function for aging skin revitalization

  4. Amniotic membrane (amnion)) – as the source of fibroblasts and mesenchymal stem cells.

  5. Adipose tissue – as a source of mesenchymal stem cells for treatment and aging prevention, atherosclerosis and its complications treatment, diabetes milletus II type treatment, male and female reproductive function enhancing, revitalization, kidney, liver, vessels deseases treatment, autoimmune diseases, joint degenerate diseases of any localization, arthrosis, arthritis, osteochondrosis treatment.

  6. Bone marrow – as a source of mesenchymal stem cells. Is applied for bone tissue growth under limbs lengthening and defects regeneration, for jaw bone tissue enhancement to tooth implant placing, parandotosis treatment.

  7. Skin – as a source of fibroblasts, used in cosmetology for face, low neck, neck, body skin rejuvenation; the source of epidermal stem cells, applied for scar epithelialization, burns consequences treatment, hair growth enhancement.

  8. Blood vessels — veins - as a source of endothelial cells for treatment of ischemias of different etiology, male and female reproductive function restore.

    Preservation of all these cell types means keeping safe your life code, your health matrix. It is impossible to overestimate all the perspectives of this storage!

    Our company has made a breakthrough giving an opportunity not only to store this vital potential in individual Bank but also to use it properly in further.

    The process of personal stem cell bank preparation is as follows:
  1. In a friendly and confidential atmosphere you meet the curator, with whom you will discus the plan of measures to personal stem cell bank preparation. A delicate blood sample from vein is to be taken for all necessary tests before bank performing, according to licensed terms, asserted by Ministry of Healthcare RF. After mutual agreement we perform your “health passportisation”, that means taking all immune system test, analyzing hormone, oncology, methabolism and virus statuses. It is about 500 parameters that are included in these tests. The research is performed on the most high-tuned systems, so the results meet the requirements of East European standards. This scheme of “health certification” is successfully applied in Japan and provides for an objective control not only of the organisms state but allows to detect negative trends that can lead to serious diseases. So, “health certification” can not only identify the disease, but also can detect its “debut”, so it is the most precise step in diagnosis of biological state and productive longevity development.

  2. A delicate tissue obtainment: a) adipose tissue suspension 3-4 gr., b) bone marrow obtained from iliac crest in amount of 20-60 ml. (the procedure can be compared to blood obtainment from the vein), c) skin, in amount of 3 mm, from the region behind the ear or another. The procedure takes about 30 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia with premedication. In an hour after the procedure a patient can be free. There are no any restrictions.

    Isolated tissue immediately taken to the own laboratory of GMP standard, that is situated in the clinic, so the material needn't to be transported, that can be negatively affect the cells viability. Isolated stem cells are cultivated up to 8 million and are preserved in a special machine - programmed Freezer – that generates 0.5 gr in a minute from 20 to -70, then the cells are taken to vessels with liquid nitrogen, where they are stored under the temperature of -196, timeless. A patient is given a contract of storage. All surnames and vials have a personal bar-code.

    Our storages provide the material for necessary safety: This is achieved with the use of
  • an automatic system of nitrogen supply, when a constant nitrogen pressure is maintained in a cryogenic pipeline and the pipeline is connected to every bio-storage

  • Bio-storages are equipped with the monitor system of nitrogen level and when it is necessary, they are switched over to an automatic state

  • We have a reserve nitrogen supply system

  • The newest monitor system of bio-storage work is implemented with remote assess ability

    In the future, after technologies of cell application would be registered and validated by Ministry of Healthcare RF., cells can be used during the whole life.

    Nowadays, 4500 clients used National bank of stem cells and fibroblasts service, preserved their biological material and now have an access to totally characterized cell lines. Preserving your cell, you are making an investment in the most stable Bank in the World.

Our laboratory

Development center cell research aimed at establishing and standardizing the collection of stem cells, multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells (ITC) and fibroblasts were the basis for the National Bank of stem cells and fibroblasts.

We Recommend

Srivastava, Rakesh K.; Shankar, Sharmila (издатели)
Stem cells - the body builders
                Cells of the human body are divided into ordinary and stem cells ordinary adult cells can not transform                 in another cell type , and can not induce embryogenesis . In humans,                 ninety allocated different types of cells , so the cells are those molecules                 which consists of an organism, stem cells and the organism is reduced . for                 storage of stem cells used Cryobank                 , Prior to entering the cell which is cooled in a freezer program steps                 one degree per minute. Thereafter, in special capsules , frozen to minus                 seventy degrees , the cells are placed into containers , numbered barcode                 in a special pot with liquid nitrogen , and our bank retains biological resources over 5500 patients.                 For storage of the concentrated stem cells and mononuclear cells derived from                 umbilical cord blood after birth, used Gemabank , there they are in special                 plastic plates and in order to highlight the desired cells are required for more                 manipulation. Longevity and beauty of a person   problem in the 21st century , which pay attention to not only women but also men and  successful resolution of this matter modern methods , such as cell technology allow a person to turn the modern ideas about resolving this problems . Learn more information about stem cell therapy you can in the appropriate section of our portal.